“Money Can Always Wait: Good vs Greed in the 20th Century” takes readers on a riveting journey from the relative calm of the early 1900s through the volatile decades ending the 20th century, unraveling truths hidden in plain sight, generational scandals, and the legal and moral dilemmas that shaped the life of our anti-hero as he tangled with everyone from Senator Hiram Bingham (Lost City of Z) to the McClellan Committee and the FBI, to Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters Union (Hoffa and the Teamsters, In Hoffa’s Shadow, The Enemy Within, etc.).

Meanwhile, his family pursued careers and fame in law enforcement circles.

From his Columbia Heights, Washington DC upbringing to the corridors of power in Washington, D.C., this narrative non-fiction weaves the threads of Connelly’s exploits and explores the interplay between ambition, ethics, and the insidious allure of wealth contrasted against public service.

Prepare to be captivated by a narrative that will leave you questioning the true nature of humanity and the choices we make when faced with the irresistible allure of money and power.

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